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The Old Days...

Seven years ago, I was a homeless man, I was a not give a fuck, crazy person with no plan.

I didn't give a shit if I died or lived, I loved all the chaos and the violence within.

People were afraid of the man who didn't care, How could you fight a person who would die for a beer.

I would break my own nose and drink my own blood, Then laugh like a maniac and beg for your blood.

I rolled with this life style for about 13 years, I clinically died seven times, but still no fear.

What would it take to change my ways, Nothing seemed to work, not even slitting my throat three ways.

I was at the end of my rope I felt, I was homeless again, I found another basement to live, I felt this was my end.

But through that basement, the family who let me stay, I met this girl who I shall not name,

She looked past my missing tooth smile, she ignores my need for alcohol,

She ignores my crazy life, She looked at me, me deep inside.

Her love and her sweetness, she softened me up, She made me feel weak, loved, and confident as fuck.

She bought me a tooth, an mp3 player and the courage of change, I got a job mowing lawns and my life started to rearrange.

I got my own apartment and eventually a better job, She made me realize my potential and I started to thrive.

It was still a rough path as I still had my addictions, Life was getting better but my drinking was still vicious.

I lost that girl, the one who showed me the way, I went into manic depression and life went the other way.

Two years go by of reckless drinking, I lost everything, and you know what I was thinking.

Suicide seemed to be my only option, I lost my ambition, love and my mission.

I crack another beer and light another smoke, Im full of piss and throw up, I'm so numb, so broke.

My cell phone rings, such an odd time to sound, It's a call from a rehab, that I forgot I had applied.

That phone call, that ring, that voice, saved my life, I went to that rehab and It changed my whole life.

Im still sober to this day, happy and content, I've found my true self, my meaning, my life.

I survived to tell this story and I want to help who I can, Im no longer violent, crazy, and I finally have a plan.

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