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Holy Spirit Healing Testimony

I was visiting Kevin's family in Mexico and I had eaten some meat that was off which caused me to be stomach sick for days. It started to get pretty bad to the point where I couldn't get out of bed or enjoy the trip. Kevin asked me if I wanted him to pray for healing. I reluctantly agreed (with a shred of disbelief).

He hovered his hands over my stomach and told me that his left hand was hot. I was surprised he said this because that's exactly where the pain was. He then moved his right hand over the same area and began praying for me. I can't quite explain what happened but I could feel the pain being lifted out of my stomach. As this was happening, I had a thought come to mind, "Selina you are skeptical and you don't believe that I can heal you through Kevin." I was also thinking about how Jesus healed many people of much more severe illnesses especially when they had faith that He would do it! I too needed to have faith and want to get better again so I decided to cast off my unbelief and receive the healing from God through Kevin.

Suddenly I got up and threw up twice in a row. After that, I was full of energy and we all went to the beach and I was able to enjoy the rest of the trip in Mexico! I will never forget the healing that occurred that day, and how God gives different gifts to each of us to serve one another and bring glory to Him. I'm so thankful that Kevin is boldly moving forward and using this gift of healing to help others.

- Selina

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