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Coaching testimony

I’ve known Kevin for quite a while now and seen the change he has made within the past couple of years for himself and his own life. I been on the right track making a lot of these changes in my own life for the past couple of years also and not only thought it would be a great opportunity to get in touch with an old friend, but someone who really has made changes in his life to help himself tremendously and now wants to help and show others what he can offer and do to help them!!

Since I have seen Kevin I have made a big change while making some small ones also that I had no clue were actually affecting me in ways until he told me and showed me the proof of things in the way that he knew it. I have quit smoking, on a much healthier diet, drinking nothing but clean water to help detox my body and mind from everything, and just been watching everything day by day that I never payed attention to before life I really should I be! All in all Kevin Nolan definitely deserves the chance to be able to help people with the knowledge and support that he can give anyone that really wants it for themselves! We need more support in our communities like this and it’s great to see him stepping up to take on a role like that.

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