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Client Testimony:

I was only a couple of days clean when I saw Kevin was offering free sessions to celebrate his business opening. Scared; and exhausted I was willing to do whatever it took to break free from addiction that has gripped me for years. So I reached out after debating opening up to a complete stranger through facebook. Kevin has been nothing but helpful with loads of encouragement along the way. I don't live in st. John's so Kevin and I correspond through messenger which is a fantastic opportunity in an outport community for somebody like myself. Kevin genuinely cares about each and every client that he works with and it shows. He has been an inspiration every day and has shown me that it is possible to come out on top of addiction. I was told I would not see this Christmas if I didn't get clean. Thankfully now I look forward to the future. I have found peace and happiness with Kevin's help and I'll be forever grateful for him. Anyone reading this while doesn't know how to reach out: take it from me, just do it. You will not regret it. Everyone deserves happiness. And with Kevin's help you too can find it. I'm proud to say that I'm 62 days opiate free and 55 days cocaine free; something that I was unable to accomplish until I spoke with Kevin and that is no coincidence.

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