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Client testimony

Kevin Nolan is a bottomless pit of knowledge. I would HIGHLY recommend him if someone needed information on an area of healing (mentally, physically & spiritually). Kevin took his real life experiences and turmoils, and is turning them into something very positive by helping others rise up and find their true selves by living a clean lifestyle. He helps people heal, with these little steps, that people don’t even know about.. What a difference these steps make.

I am speaking from experience. Kevin has helped me in many ways. I was an addict for 8 years. I was at my all time low, and he helped me when I was in my lowest. He showed me light, he showed me love. Not only did he seem to care about my well being - but he completely understood how I was feeling because he was there himself and I think that is what helped me the most. I tried getting help from others before, but I was always felt like I was looked at as a client, or customer. Now I was feeling heard. I wasn’t feeling like I was alone in my struggles. I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C in 2018, I told him about this frightening diagnoses and he helped me stay calm. He helped me HEAL my body within a few months! I no longer have Hepatitis C because I changed my lifestyle completely - all thanks to him. I thank my lucky stars that I found Kevin during my hardships. The energy, love and the dedication is truly phenomenal. I am now in the best health of my entire life. My energy levels are high, and my stress levels are very low. I’m so clear minded & focused. Instead of thinking I don’t have a future, like I used to in the past, I am so excited for what is in store for me now. I am also a year sober in June.

I can Honestly say, Kevin Nolan changed my life. I don’t think I would have been able to do this without his support and expertise. I can’t say enough good about him. We need more people in our community like him. I think his purpose is to share his story and help others to remember they’re not alone, there is most definitely hope, and to, most importantly, support them to get better and become their best (true) selves.

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