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Brain Damage

I got the Eminem LP, up on blast, In a stolen car, going way to fast, Its raining, its slippery, my girlfriend is scared, The impact, the crash, no seatbelt prepared!

We flip, we smash, we crash in the snow, My body, my brain, my blood leaking flow. Im done, I am out, my brain is fucked, The darkness, the time, everything is fucked.

The coma, my mom, the dreams of terror, The brain surgery, my life, the drinking driving error. Am I dead, am I here? What is my life? The staples in my head, the roughness is a fright.

The charges, attempted murder, the papers are real, They say I wanted murder, I say I appeal, 9 years they want, they want me gone, Im still fucked up, my brain, barely on.

The charges they dropped, the girl changed her statement, I got lucky as fuck, I wanted to hang myself in a basement, Drinking and driving, why did I not care? I could have killed anyone, over a fucking beer.

Its legal, its dangerous, people go insane, I was only 17 and fucked up my brain! It happens everyday, the drink is madness, The terror, the darkness, the drunken sadness.

I dedicate the rest of my life, to help those get sober, One drink, two drink, any day it could be over! I am here, I am thankful, I love everyday, I chose to stay sober, I really just want to stay...

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