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About Kevin Nolan

Kevin Nolan Men's Life Coaching

Hi I'm Kevin,

I am a 35 year old man that has been seeking the truth for many years. I used to be an alcoholic, homeless, jailbird. I was clinically dead 7 times. I was a lost soul, and I was looking for answers. The doctors diagnosed me with manic depression, ADD, and bi-polar disease. I was heavily medicated for years, and still drinking alcohol and also experimenting with drugs just trying to get through life. I lived this lifestyle for 13 years.


It was on my 27th Birthday, I was at the bar and I was observing this old man who I saw at the bar every night, by himself. I thought of how lonely and miserable that would be of a life.... then I realized that I was going down that exact same path. I finished that night of drinking and woke up the next day, full of vomit and urine, as usual. I dragged myself on the floor to the fridge to chug a few beer so I could feel normal again and then lit a smoke. My phone rang, and when I answered, it was a nice sounding man calling from a rehab I had applied for months prior. He told me they have a bed ready for me, if I was still interested. I told him I’ll take it as I chug my beer and smoked my cigarette.


At this point in my life, I felt like killing myself. I was so miserable, I thought I would give my life one more shot. So, that night I drank one more time and left for rehab the next morning. I have been sober now for 8 years. 8 years I have had the ability to answer many questions that were lingering in my soul. Like, why we are so lost? So addicted? So sick? So miserable? I figured it out, now I share with the world how you can beat your demons too. Welcome brothers. Welcome to my website, where I can speak freely of the truth that sets us free. God bless you.

Health Checkup

Speaking the truth sets you free


I know the healings are working! His blood sugar readings are better and better! Today after a meal it was 107 which is amazing! It’s not even a diabetic reading! He has a doc appt next week where they will draw blood and I know if we keep eating well and working out we will get good news! Thank you so much Kevin

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